Firm Philosophy

Travis Law Group, a Professional Corporation, is dedicated to providing its clients results-oriented, business litigation services. What does this mean? It means we win. Although we cannot guarantee results, in most of our cases we obtain results favorable to our clients.

A combination of academic excellence, depth of experience and tenacious effort allows Travis Law Group to consistently obtain its clients’ goals. The attorneys of Travis Law Group have graduated with honors from some of the nation’s top law schools and undergraduate institutions. Having practiced with large, prestigious, national law firms, the attorneys of Travis Law Group have amassed a substantial amount of experience working on large and complex legal matters.

Even more important than academic laurels and legal experience, though, is tenacity. The attorneys of Travis Law Group believe that momentum is everything. In lawsuits, there is no substitute for jumping on the problem quickly and not letting up until the desired result is achieved.

This website contains a summary of the background of the attorneys of Travis Law Group. This website also contains a discussion of our legal experience, organized by substantive areas of law which are arranged alphabetically. We appreciate this opportunity to introduce you to the capabilities of our firm.